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What is pinhole Photography?

    Pinhole photography is a very basic and different form of photography than you are used to. You must think of the photograph you are creating not of the equipment. I don't believe you can get a bad picture with a pinhole camera. The exposure is not that critical. You are dealing in a different time frame with this type of camera. The difference in a 10 to 25 second exposure is approximately one f-stop and the difference in 25 and 60 seconds is again approximately one f-stop. Reciprocity factor is working here in the films. In a regular camera and a modern high speed lens. these times are equivalent to 1/125 sec. to 1/60 sec. and 1/60 sec. to 1/30 sec. (not much time difference). So if you are off on your times somewhat, it probably won't show in the final photo. Every picture is a time exposure. All motion will be a blur, even very slow motion. Fast moving objects just don't show up in the film.

    So have fun with a pinhole camera and enjoy a different form of photography!

Roger Foote

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