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    This page has some files showing how to make some paper pinhole cameras.  It also has a complete set of plans and instructions for making a very nice 4x5 wooden pinhole camera.  I have been using this camera for a few years now and use it most of the time when I make pinhole  pictures.  It allows an easy change of the pinhole in the camera as well as the film. I have made and used all the cameras on this page. Some are better than others.

    The first paper camera is Dirkin Pinhole Camera. This is a 35mm camera and looks like a real camera. Requires some skill to assemble and the picture quality depends on the skill in making the pinhole.
    The next two are the 35mm Populist and the 120Populist. They are the same cameras however, one is for 35mm and one is for 120 film.  Not as much skill is required to assemble these cameras. The instructions are very complete.
    The last camera file is for my 4x5 Wooden Camera.  This camera uses standard 4x5 film holders, to hold the film.  You may change the focal length of the camera by slightly modifying the plans.

    Click on above links for a .pdf file of the above cameras and have fun.

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